Rare and unique, Reagan’s campaign schedule and other Ronald Reagan Political Memorabilia available for purchase from Peter Johnson, Northern California 1966 Reagan for Governor Campaign Vice Chairman and Schedule Director and initial Statewide 1970 Schedule Director. Materials also include political memorabilia from Nixon’s 1962 Campaign for Governor of California as well as Governor Rockefeller’s 1964 California Campaign for President.
As Thomas Reed, later Secretary of the Air Force, said in a bookplate sent to me on February 18th of 2005 for his excellent book, “At the Abyss”:

“To Peter Johnson – A hero of ’66, without whom RR might never have made it onto the first step of the ladder. Thanks, and best wishes always..."
Thomas C. Reed

Own Key Portions of Reagan’s Actual Campaign Schedule!
Reagan’s 1966 and 1970 Campaigns for Governor


Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Memorabilia
(Vice President in the Ford Administration)


Richard M. Nixon Political Memorabilia


These memorabilia are available only as a complete package. This page is an overview of this web site. It contains pictures and lists of most of the inventory together with a statement as to my role in the campaigns concerned. The price and terms of sale are available on the terms page of this site.

  • Treasure Trove of Reagan Memorabilia from my files when I was Ronald Reagan’s Northern California Vice Chairman and Schedule Director for his 1966 Campaign for Governor of California. The details of all of these materials are listed in a Catalogue inventorying these Memorabilia. The materials represent an ideal collection for the man or woman who admires Ronald Reagan and his accomplishments as a leader.

  • The original Campaign Schedule from Reagan’s 1970 Primary Re-Election Campaign with the complete schedule of all of his travels and appearances of his first two Tours in that campaign. The materials detail, from morning until late in the evening and down to the minute, Reagan’s travel and appearances as he toured the State and list all routes, times and participants including the press. These are my hand typed schedules as I served as his Statewide Schedule Director for that period while training his campaign staff. These Confidential Schedules alone comprise a 167 page notebook showing the construction of the campaign schedule from the very first general overview to the first and second rough drafts and then the final full Campaign Schedule with its last minute instructions to the Advancemen and the Tour Party leader. They also include political and registration information by the city, county and area concerned which was compiled at my request. In effect, the materials represent a complete tutorial of the art at that time as to how to schedule a winning major campaign. Two extra copies are provided on acid free paper. All of these materials, particularly those from 1970, are suitable for donation on a tax deductible basis to the Reagan Library whose archivist has informed me that, if donated, “we would love to have them.”

  • The Reagan Memorabilia include the 54 page Confidential Advanceman Manual for the 1970 campaign with two extra copies on acid free paper. The manual provides complete guidance for the advancemen for use during the campaign.

  • Nine original Reagan letters directed to me during the course of his campaigns and governship.

  • A framed executive appointment certificate to the position of Chief of the Fair Employment Practices Commission signed by Reagan and the California Secretary of State complete with the large Gold Seal of the State of California. Under that position I also served as the Executive Secretary for the Fair Employment Practices Commission which was also charged with the administration of California’s Fair Housing Laws.

  • A catalogue of Richard M. Nixon’s 1962 Campaign for Governor Memorabilia.

  • A similar catalogue for Rockefeller’s 1964 California Presidential Campaign.

  • Pictures of the various memorabilia.