Ronald Wilson Reagan Political Memorabilia: 1966 California Gubernatorial Election & 1970 California Primary Gubernatorial Election Catalogue
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  • The original copy with its handwritten notes with two extra copies on acid free paper of the 15 page Campaign Schedule materials for Governor Reagan’s General Election Campaign for his appearances in Northern California in the final days of the campaign on November 2 and 3, 1966 starting with his arrival in Redding with a speech at Shasta read more about this historic day, click here!

  • The original 134 page Master Campaign Schedule for Governor Ronald Reagan’s Primary Gubernatorial Re-Election Campaign from 11 March through 8 April, 1970. Two extra duplicate copies of this notebook are included on acid free paper as the original is fading due to age. The notebooks each contain the list of Tour Party names, the Advanceman Memorandum for the Tour, the 1st Draft Schedule, the 2nd Draft Schedule; and, the final fully detailed Schedules together with their additional last minute notes to the Tour Director as to any possible additional events and any last minute changes. Transportation, routes and travel times are detailed as well as locations and personnel for any overnights in hotels. Each day’s events are fully detailed as to participants and supported by a supplementary review of the county or counties concerned as to their population, their Assembly and State legislators as well as their Congressmen together with a description of the purpose of the event and the political background at play in the city or county concerned. Full information for each event is also provided as to the locations of Reagan’s Campaign Headquarters, Chairman and telephone numbers as well as previous year’s Chairmen for Reagan and for other candidates together with Registration Statistics and prior years’ election results. This Notebook shows how the campaign was constructed. It is a virtual tutorial.

  • The original and two copies of the Schedule for the day of April 6, 1970. These are copies of the same material in the Master Campaign Schedule. They are included to show how the materials were distributed to the Tour Director and any advancemen for a particular event. Governor Reagan or Mrs. Reagan would be presented only with those portions of the Schedule that pertained to them. Details were not their concern.

  • An original copy and two acid free paper copies of the 1970 campaign’s Confidential Advanceman Operational Manual of 54 pages. These procedures had evolved from the 1966 campaign and subsequent gubernatorial travel. I modified them for use as necessary for the 1970 campaign and supplemented them with last minute instructions.

  • Nine personally signed letters from Ronald Reagan to Peter Johnson:
    Letter of August 17, 1966 together with envelope postmarked August 23, 1966 on Reagan’s stationary from his home at Pacific Palisades noting his pleasure at our meeting a few weeks previously at which time he had asked that I join the campaign as a Northern California Vice-Chairman and as his Northern California Scheduling Director.

  • Letter of November 5, 1966 with an envelope of the same date on Reagan’s personal stationary from his residence at Pacific Palisades thanking me for assisting him in his campaign Governor on behalf of himself and his wife, Nancy, together with a handwritten Post Script.

  • A formal letter from Governor Reagan on April 12, 1967 appointing me as the Chief of the Division of Fair Employment Practices.

  • A letter from Governor Reagan dated October 7, 1968 expressing best wishes to my recovery from a back injury hospitalization.

  • A letter from Governor Reagan dated December 4, 1968 welcoming my anticipated presence in Palm Springs for the Republican Governor’s conference.

  • A letter from Governor Reagan dated December 9, 1968 in response to my recommendation that he appoint Thomas C. Reed to the position of Lt. Governor that was being vacated by Robert Finch.

  • A letter from Governor Reagan dated December 12, 1968 expressing appreciation at having seen me at the Palm Springs Conference on the previous weekend and for my support.

  • A letter from Governor Reagan dated April 21, 1969 accepting my resignation as Chief of the Fair Employment Practices Division, a position which I had left to return to my business affairs.

  • A letter addressed to me as The Honorable Peter R. Johnson from Governor Reagan thanking me for the long hours and effort that I had expended when recalled to help ensure his re-election by organizing his first sequence of Primary Election political tours.

  • The framed executive document formally appointing me as the Chief of the Fair Employment Practices Division with large gold State of California Seal as signed by Governor Reagan and the Secretary of State.

  • Three letters from Thomas C. Reed, the Chairman of the Northern California Campaign, thanking me for my efforts towards the successful election of Reagan as Governor of California. One letter that of 11 November 1966, notes a conflict that occurred in the campaign scheduling when Tom said, “No one else could have filled that job with as much experience and ability, as well as patience for the indignities inflicted upon you by our so-called friends. Let it suffice to say that I, and the Governor-elect for that matter, appreciate it.” My counterpart in Southern California had attempted to take over scheduling for the entire state; I had no objection to legitimate suggestions towards any possible improvements in our northern California operations but rejected his efforts when he attempted to enforce time and travel specifications that had no relationship to reality. Once he persisted for four times after I had patiently explained on each occasion why what he proposed was physically impossible. On the fifth occasion, I simply hung up the phone on him in the middle of his speech; it was the only time in my life that I have ever done that. Struggles for power occur even in campaigns. He joined the administration in Sacramento, but somewhat later left. I was not surprised.

  • 1966 Summer Interim Campaign Materials Catalogue listing supplies and prices for campaign materials: Biography and Summary of Issues; Issue Brochures; Newspaper Reprints; Position Papers; Support Cards; Reagan buttons (4 of the 5 shown in the photograph); Bumper Strips; One Sheet Posters; Quarter Cards; “Junior” Quarter Cards (with adhesive back); Blowup of Reagan Photo; and, Order Forms. The glue holding some of these materials in place in the Catalogue has deteriorated with time and the Catalogue cover is somewhat worn and discolored in a few places although all of the sample materials remain in the Catalogue.

  • One gold colored small brass Reagan Lapel Pin in the shape of the State of California for identification of the wearer as a top staff member of the team. These are quite rare as, if lost, they were never replaced and only a very limited number were ever made as they allowed direct access to Reagan and all top staff members.

  • Peter R. Johnson Business Card as a Northern California Vice-Chairman and Schedule Director for Northern California during the 1966 Campaign.

  • Peter R. Johnson Business Card: Chief of the Division of Fair Employment Practices whose title also included serving as the Executive Secretary for the Fair Employment Practices Commission in 1967 and 1968.

  • Separate large red Reagan button.

  • Reagan Staff bumper strip.

  • Black Folder with Gold Lettering holding a stamped January 20, 1981 United States Presidential inauguration day commemorative postcard.

  • Two Gold Seal California Inaugural Committee Invitations to the Inaugural Ceremonies of Ronald Reagan as Governor in 1967.

  • An envelope and card with an invitation to attend the four principal ceremonies of Reagan’s inauguration in 1967.

  • One Gold Seal Presidential Inaugural Committee Invitation to the Presidential Inauguration of Ronald Reagan as President and George Herbert Walker Bush as Vice President of the United States in January, 1981.

  • A separate deep blue and orange Reagan bumper strip.

  • Two adhesive 7 ½ by 5 ½ inch white placards with blue and red printing “For Governor … Ronald Reagan” for display on home or automobile windshields.

  • Two Gold Seal unsigned Christmas cards from Governor and Mrs. Reagan.

  • A brochure with a copy of the Inaugural Message of Ronald Reagan sent to Peter Johnson by name from Governor Reagan for his efforts in the 1966 campaign.

  • Four copies of the light brown with Gold State Seal Official Program of the Inaugural Ceremonies (three of which are in their original envelopes) of the 1967 California Inauguration of Ronald Reagan as Governor. The next to last page of the Program includes a photograph of the campaign’s very successful concluding ticker tape parade in San Francisco. The scheduling details of that event are also listed in this inventory of Reagan Memorabilia under the Campaign Schedule for that day.

  • A Summary of the Actions and Programs of Governor Ronald Reagan’s Administration for the years 1967-1974.

  • A nonsense Memo written in fun as exchanged between Tom Reed, Northern California Campaign Chairman and Peter Johnson, Northern California Vice-Chairman and Schedule Director signed by all members of the private 46 Kearny Street, San Francisco second story office central headquarters as well as by the campaign members from the campaign’s ground level street front Market Street office in San Francisco that was open to the public.

  • A copy in Chinese of the September, 1966 edition of the Chinese Times listing the 139 Committee Members, Reagan’s biography and his opinion of California’s pressing problems. (Item not shown in photographs.)

  • A 12 page brochure entitled “Governor Reagan – Effective Leadership” listing his administration’s accomplishments in his first four years in office.

  • Staff Member and Campaign County Chairmen lists as well as lists and addresses of the personnel in the Governor’s office in Sacramento.